ABR First Capital, LLC

Investors: Earn 10% Interest

For over 25 years we have been paying investors 10% APR interest backed by the safety and security of government contracts.

Minimum investment is $25,000.

ABR First Capital, LLC is the industry-leading provider of short-term accounts receivable financing to service and commercial contractors performing under government contracts. We help small and medium-sized American businesses succeed while earning our investors 10% APR interest paid monthly. New SEC rules allow us to accept minimum investments of $25,000.

Investors receive interest payments monthly

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Celebrating 25 years in business.

Available for accredited investors only. Contact ABR First Capital, LLC for information on the
Private Placement Memorandum and Form C as filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

We have been paying our investors 10% APR interest since we launched our program in 1995, and in over 25 years of offering our unique program and managing over $20 million of investor money, not a single ABR investor has ever lost a penny.

Frank M. Bashore
President and Co-Founder
ABR First Capital, LLC

What Investors Are Saying

What I like about ABR is the 10% yield. I have lots of CD’s but 10% is a better financial plan. I had never heard of ABR and was a little unsure why they were a safe investment. But then I ran across a huge list of ABR customers and felt confident that they showed who they were lending money to…

Bill, New Jersey

The main reason I decided to invest with ABR is that they obtain better returns… and I liked that my investments is backed by contracts. My biggest concern was that I had never heard of ABR before and it was hard to believe that something like this existed. What others should know is that you need to take the time to understand their business model…

Lakshmikanth, California

The primary motivation to invest with ABR was the opportunity to make above market interest on a fixed time investment. At age 70 we need to protect our nest egg. We were concerned about investing with an out-of-state company…but we learned they’ve been in business for 24 years with an impeccable history of never suffering a loss. We like the locked in interest rate with monthly payments…we also liked that we always dealt with Frank, who is always responsive…

Ann, Georgia

We pay your interest on the first of every month.
In over 25 years no investor has ever missed an interest payment.

Celebrating 25 years in business.
Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau
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